EU research project eDREAM presents final results

EU-funded Horizon2020 project eDREAM (enabling new Demand Response Advanced, Market-oriented and secure technologies, solutions and business models, Grant Agreement No. 774478) is coming to an end after more than three years.

eDREAM project envisions a novel blockchain-based demand response decentralised ecosystem to alleviate power grid local network constraints in near real-time caused by the imbalances or optimise nearby energy management.

Thus, eDREAM develops new solutions for DSOs and improves decision-making of Aggregators and Energy Retailers using a new decentralised and community-driven energy ecosystem and fully integrating the micro-grid and VPPs (Virtual Power Plants) to local power disruption network.

During this time, the consortium has been working in close cooperation to develop new demand response technologies and services, more specifically in the fields:

  • DR Aerial Survey Toolkit
  • Big data Clustering for Load Profiling and Customer Segmentation
  • Demand Response Services Optimisation
  • Interactive visualisation based on graph analytics for Decision Support System
  • Electricity Consumption / Production Forecasting
  • Blockchain-based decentralised control & Prize driven flexibility market
  • P2P Market & Financial Settlement

The eDREAM offering will be made available through three main project assets:

  • Local flexibility marketplaces – for DSOs and Aggregators
  • Local P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplaces – for Prosumers and Aggregators
  • VPP optimisation framework & dynamic coalitions – for Aggregators

The project tools and services are being validated in three different pilots, in Italy, Greece and UK, as it follows:

  • Use Case 1 – Secure micro-grid environment for participation in blockchain-driven Demand Response programs (Italy)
  • Use Case 2 – Lab-based validation of technologies and tools (Greece)
  • Use Case 3 – Integration of smart customers, DERs, Asset Management and Demand Response network planning (UK)

The eDREAM consortium was successfully coordinated by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and composed of leading European companies from the energy and ICT sector, SME, research institutes, universities, innovative non-profit organisation, public utility, ESCO, engaged in the field of Research, Technology and Innovation.