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Questionnaire for the elicitation of Stakeholders needs

The eDREAM project has a strong participatory approach, due to the understanding that a real transfiguration of traditional market approaches and smart grid operations into novel decentralized and community-driven energy systems can only be achieved through the full involvement of the sector stakeholders.

Therefore, the gain of better insight into the role, interest and commitment of each different typology of stakeholders are of crucial importance for understanding where the starting point is for setting common visions and objectives that can inspire the change.

For this reason, a questionnaire has been prepared with the aims to elicit the user and the business requirements for the eDREAM project platform from external stakeholders.

The feedback coming from the elicitation phase will help the consortium in defining specific use cases related to the functionalities that the eDREAM project aims to develop, such as Multi-Building DR potential estimation through drone aerial survey technology, load forecasting, customer clustering and segmentation, secure data handling, financial settlement through the use of smart contract etc.

Thank you for your assistance and participation in this eDREAM survey!

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary!

The data from this survey will be analysed and used for project reports and presentations and potentially in academic publications. All data collected and processed in this activity will be handled in compliance with the GDPR. When necessary, the information will be anonymised and stored in a secure location. For more information please read the Privacy Policy.