Flexibility 2.1: From Demand Response to renewable Energy Communities

Our colleagues from E@W presented the work conducted within eDREAM project at the “Flexibility 2.1: From Demand Response to renewable Energy Communities” webinar organised by TABEDE H2020 project.

The aim of the webinar was on sharing knowledge and experiences in the development of solutions for demand response and energy flexibility.

15 European-funded project briefly presented various results, each focused on a unique aspect of the energy transition both at building and community levels.

  • TABEDE (TowArds Building rEady for Demand rEsponse): Andre de Fontaine, ENGIE Impact
  • SMARTBUILT4EU (The EU Smart Building Innovation Platform): Alexis David, ECTP
  • DELTA (Future tamper-proof Demand rEsponse framework through seLf-configured, self-opTimized and collAborative virtual distributed energy nodes): Apostolos Tsolakis, Information Technologies Institute/CERTH [PDF, @delta_eu]
  • eDREAM (enabling new Demand REsponse Advanced, Market-oriented and Secure technologies, solutions and business models): Giuseppe Mastandrea, Energy @ Work
  • RESPOND (integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs): Iker Esnaola, Tekniker
  • HOLISDER (Integrating Real-Intelligence in Energy Management Systems enabling Holistic Demand Response Optimization in Buildings and Districts): M.J. (Mente) Konsman, TNO
  • SocialRES (Fostering socially innovative and inclusive strategies for empowering citizens in the renewable energy market of the future): Iban Lizarralde, ESTIA
  • HESTIA (Holistic dEmand response Services for European residenTIAl communities): Toke Haunstrup Bach Christensen, Aalborg University
  • CREATORS (CREATing cOmmunity eneRgy Systems): Giel Vandenbroeck, Cordeel
  • RENAISSANCE (RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs): Thierry Coosemans, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, MOBI, EVERGi Research Team
  • E-LAND (Integrated multi-vector management system for Energy isLANDs): Farhan Farrukh, Smart Innovation Norway
  • COMPILE (Integrating community power in energy islands): Andrej Gubina, University of Ljubljana
  • NEWCOMERS (New Clean Energy Communities in a Changing European Energy System): Sarah Darby, University of Oxford
  • REACT (Renewable Energy for self-sustAinable island CommuniTies): Iker Esnaola, Tekniker
  • IElectrix (Indian and European Local Energy Communities For Renewable Integration and the Energy Transition): Pierre-Jacques Le Quellec, Enedis; and Markus Resch, Energie Güssing

Watch our presentation below